Ben and Jerry finally took my favorite cake and combined it with my favorite food - ice cream. It’s delicious!

Bailey’s chocolate cake at Manny’s again. The waiter comped me this ridiculous dessert, which was bigger than my head. The setup: bed of chocolate cake topped with a buttery soft Bailey’s mousse and cemented at the top with fluffy home made whipped cream bathed in chocolate syrup. I took 3 huge bites. The waiter shared it with me.

The “Are You Kidding Me” NY Steak sandwich at Manny’s in Minneapolis. Seriously. This thing is a beast of meat cooked to order (medium rare) topped with crispy onion strings. OMG. I hope I can sleep tonight.

This is German comfort food from restaurant Andreas Keller in Leavenworth WA, a small Bavarian town at the foot of the mountains. I ordered the wienerschnitzel in a creamy mushroom sauce. It came with pillowy spaetzle and a side of weiss sausage, and a 20oz pilsner of course. It was a much deserved meal after a day of snowboarding.

I like to think that I’m open minded, but not so much that my brains fall out.

Head cheese. I’m into it lately. This one is from Bavarian Meats in Pike Place Market. I dip slices in distilled white vinegar. Salty, porky, and zingy goodness.

Angus beef burger with gorgonzola spinach sauce on rustic wheat bread.

This was a simple dinner that took about 15 minutes total time to cook and prepare. It was super easy because I cheated with the meat. I buy pre-cooked frozen angus beef patties at Costco that can be grilled or microwaved. I microwaved this patty for about 2 minutes. These are great quality burger patties that come out juicy and flavorful. You’ll never know that they are microwaved. The spinach a la gorgonzola is what takes the majority of the time to make but it’s really simple. I find it adds an elegant and complex flavor to the burger that elevates a basic sandwich to gourmet restaurant status. That and a good rustic wheat loaf. I prefer a nice crusty bread that’s toasted in a toaster oven or under a broiler. It will absorb some of that creamy spinach much better than a soggy hamburger bun.

What you need:

  • Angus beef patty (pre-cooked, ready to microwave); or fresh if so desired
  • A couple of large handfuls of baby spinach - wilts down significantly
  • 1 tbls olive oil
  • Gorgonzola or blue cheese crumbles - about 1/4 cup
  • A splash of half n’ half or heavy cream to help melt the cheese
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Wheat levain loaf or crusty artisan bread of your choice
  1. In a larger saucepan, heat olive oil on medium heat and add spinach. Cook down until wilted
  2. Stir in gorgonzola and splash of half n’ half (if necessary) to create sauce. Spinach will lose water during cooking process so that may be enough to help cream the sauce
  3. Cook for about 5-6 minutes or until spinach and cheese come to desired texture. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Cut bread into thick slices, about 1/2 inch, toast in toaster oven or under broiler
  5. Cook burger as desired. I recommend the microwavable patties at 2 minutes a piece from frozen
  6. Once bread and burger are ready, combine all ingredients and top with the gorgonzola spinach sauce